Render Dropbox File

When I am posting my resume on my website, I require that my resume can be rendered in a browser. The first idea is that I can put the file on AWS and get the permanent link of that file. But I need to modify the my resume frequently. I don’t want to bother to update the resume on AWS frequently. My resume is in Dropbox folder. If I could have a permanent link for it from Dropbox, that’s the ideal solution. Here is how I get the permanent link.

Publicly Share the Target File

Find the folder of the file, and right click on the target file. Share the file publicly, and copy the permanent link. Now you have it.


Dropbox also allows you to define how to get the file.

Render or Download the Target File

  • dl: defines the download behavior.
  • raw: defines the render behaviro.

You can change the default URL by change dl=0 part. dl=1 forces the browser downloading the file for you. raw=1 forces the browser render the file directly.

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